The term trimmings, apparentely, come from French language ("passement"), meant lace a luxury good, for classic and elegant maisons, "dressed and warm" houses.
More precisely the term trimming refers of bracelets, cords and frills, therefore the unit of measuremnt is in meters. There are many materials used, such as, in the past, silk for a shiny look, with linen and cotton, today the acrylic for a matte look, as cotton or acetate that give a shiny look to the fibre. Monti Napoleone produces handmade and machine made trimmings for home, upholstery producers, beddings and covers producers and for every needs where is necessary to decor with style each type of interior. In particular, it produces borders, fringes, tassels, tie-backs cords and so on.
For each collection, all articles (usually among 10 and 15) presented in given colour can be supplied in various colours (among 20 and 30).
It's easy to deduce that combination of the products available to customers are more that 10.000.
Monti Napoleone, keeping this huge variety tries always to offer the biggest number of available products to satisfy straight away client's request.
Even in such a classic industry sector, there is room to renovate the style accorsing the new trends: every year one or two new collections are presented, meanwhile the exiting ones are improved. Usually a collection survives for about 10-15 years.Even after 15 years we save traces of everything we make, and this one of our strengths; clients are aware that if they need to have a look on old collection, it doesn't matter how old the collection was, they will be able to get the same articlewith the same design and the same colour. This is the reason why, for example, Monti Napoleone trimmings still decorates Four Season rooms Doha, Qatar; when they need to dress new suites we have been to supply them exactly the same trimmings used in suites already exiting.
Today the production is not only in strevi, but also in Romania, where the labourers, are about 100, a compulsory choice according to big the influence cost sof work have in this sector.
Only standard phases of the manufacture process have been relocated in Romania, while in the headquarter there are still the first phases of the process such as, for example, selection of materials, to make sure to keep high quality standars of made in Italy products. Key steps of the production process are the purchase of raw materials, the production of semifinished products, followed by the loom manufacture and final assembling.


It's not possible to have official data about trimming market, which a niche sector among the general fabric area. The market always had an irregular trend: rotation of interesting growth situations an difficult times. Today 60% of the production is exported abroad, referring to the Europen countries bat also to Japan, Australia, United States and Middle East. At the moment, countries with market capabilities, are to ex-soviet countries, where the company already went exploring the potentials, in particular Moscov and Kiev. The last place to be explored was Honk Kong.
One of the grow method followed by the company is to capture any new market, extending its presence with care and perseverance.