About Us

Monti Napoleone company headquarter i now in Strevi (Alessandria - Italy), It's a trimmings company that makes unique products, in province bu it could be in the world, as trimmings makers nowdays have disappared.
At Strevi headquarter, more than 25 25 high quality collections are produced every year, mostly with woman's names, women of the family, from granmother to nephews - plain collections to be customized by suppliers' brands and Monti napoleone branded collections.
The company has been making business internationally since 60's, first with exports and later, in the 70's, estabilishing the company in te France and United Kingdom. In the 80's the company started being present at exhibitions. Still Now Frankfurt and Bruxelles exhibitions are the most importa appointements.Monti Napoleone is the only company to be invited to show its products at the highly esteemed "Proposte" exhibition, a world wide preview of furnishing and curtains fabrica, at Villa Erba in Cernobbio (Italy).
After the family buy out in the 1999, the company is owned and managed only by the family: Father Giuseppe Moschini Monti takes care of buying materials and organizing exhibitions, the son Paolo take care of sales, customer care and agents management and son Giovanni of collections and production.
Not to forget mum Marisa, who doesn't like appear in person, but as the maid of house, contributes a lot to high quality and the good management of the company.


Monti family produces trimmings with real passion, devotion to work and great attention to details.


To always high quality trimmingswith tradition and experience, from generation to generation, increasing the company's capacity and seizing the opportunities proposed by the market.


The Monti family has been producing trimmings from XIX century, at fist with a little handmade company in Cusano, in the beginning of the trimmings' industry development in Lombardia. At the beginning of XX century, Napoleone Monti, who named de company, moved to Genova and carried the work at Pizza Palermo heradqurter till the 2nd world war devastations.
During the bombardment, nearly all the documents with out history, were destroyed - said Vanni Moschini Monti - together with wood looms that our labourers controlled using hands and feet, hanging in the mechanism, machines, that today would have beenb great pieces of industrial archeology. The company had to be re-built, Napoleone decided to move the side of Appennino mountain, and chose Strevi town, fist locating in the centre an later on along highway to Acqui Terme.